March 18, 2009

Well hello 2009. Didn't I say not too long ago I was going to update this more frequently? Man, I suck. Truth is, I have been insanely busy looking for a house to buy. The market has finally settled down enough and is in an affordable range for me and my fiance. We are currently in escrow and if all goes well, we close on April 10th.

Oh yeah, I uploaded a new wallpaper titled Hornet. This is probably my largest piece to date clocking in at 60x40" at 300 dpi, of course you only get the wallpaper resolution. Enjoy!

Sting your desktop here.

Advanced Photoshop


February 21, 2009

The December issue (#51) of Advanced Photoshop is finally out here in the states (took long enough). I can confirm that it is on shelves at Borders book stores.

I took a few photos, check them out here.



January 14, 2009

Back in December I put together four pieces for ESPN The Magazine for a feature titled "NEXT 2009." While they decided to not use what I created for them, I ended up with a few extra dollars in my pocket and a very nice addition to my portfolio.

Check it out.



January 10, 2009

I got so caught up in the holidays that I completely forgot I created another piece back in September that I never got around to uploading here.

Bourge is a manipulated photo of the smaller Las Vegas Eiffel Tower that I shot in 2007. It was released along with Clckwrk and Metropolis in the 37th depthCORE pack titled Noir.

Bourge your desktop here.

Welcome To 2009


January 06, 2009

I wish I could say I have a new wallpaper uploaded (actually I do but it's just a color version of CLCKWRK) but November/December was quite possibly the busiest time of my life. Between seeing all my family around Christmas time and working on my work's Christmas party, I just had no time to create art.

I did however manage to put some stuff together for ESPN The Magazine, unfortunately they did not print what I created for them. I will be putting it in my portfolio shortly for you all to see.

Also if you are in the United States check out the latest issue of Advanced Photoshop Magazine (issue #50) I have a tip featured in their "Top 50 Photoshop Tips." Barnes & Noble and Borders stocks the magazine. For those of you outside of the states check out issue #51 which has a 2 page spread of my work.

More updates soon/more frequently. I promise!